• Services

  • What "kind" of kennel are you?

    We care for both dogs and cats while you are away. Either for the day, the night, the weekend or multiple week stays. Our property contains both a house as well as a kennel. On the first floor of the house is where our dog Sadie sleeps, as well as any puppies and small dogs that required extra attention. The second floor of the house contains two bedrooms where cats stay. Never to be mixed with dogs or other cats. The kennel contains 14 individual runs for dogs to eat and sleep, and an indoor play area for inclement weather. Outside we have four large leash free fenced yards for supervised play time.

  • What does being licensed mean?

    Our property is inspected annually to ensure that our facilities adhere to the by-laws defined by the City of Kawartha Lakes to ensure that the dogs in our care are well treated and looked after. The current kennel by-laws can be found here

  • Do you breed/sell dogs?

    We do not breed dogs, however you may want to consider adopting a dog instead: http://www.hskl.ca/adoption.html
    "Saving one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog, the world will be changed forever"

  • Do you do dog or puppy training?

    While we don't offer formal dog training, there can be positive effects of bringing your dog to stay with us regularly. We have puppies that spend the day with us at least twice a week where they learn to play and socialize with other dogs. This helps them interact with other dogs later in a non-aggressive manner. Even older dogs that aren't used to being around other dogs can benefit, as we can have them interact with other dogs in a controlled environment to help create positive experiences and associations with other dogs.

  • Do you do grooming?

    We do not currently do grooming, but we have the facilities to wash dogs when needed.

  • Do you transport dogs for pickup and dropoff?

    We do not currently offer pickup or dropoff transportation. Depending on your location we may be able to get you in touch with someone who can.

  • Boarding Concerns

  • I have a small dog/puppy and worried about putting him in a "kennel" environment

    We understand the special needs for small dogs and puppies, and we can keep them with us in the house where they can play with Sadie (or kept separate if desired) and enjoy the comforts and sounds of home. This also allows for more frequent bathroom breaks for their small, not fully trained bladders.

  • There's a kennel closer to my house. Why would I drive all the way over there?

    Service: We offer both in-house and kennel style boarding to better suit your dogs needs. If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading our testimonials page to get a better sense of the quality of care that we offer, written by our existing clients.

    Cost: When comparing with other kennels note that our prices are total prices, without tax applied afterwards. Also be aware that a lot of kennels tend to charge either partial or full day fees if you pick your dog later in the day. Where as we charge per night, with no extra charge if you pick your dog up late in the day.
    For example, if you drop your dog off at 11:00am on Monday, and then picked them up at 4:00pm on Tuesday, you would only be charged for one night (i.e. $30 total for one dog). The only fee we charge is if you need to drop-off or pick-up your dog outside our open hours. In this situation a $5 fee is applied.

    We also recommend booking a walkthrough to check out our facility first hand.

  • I prefer kennels with indoor/outdoor run where dogs can freely go inside and out throughout the entire day, why would I bring my dog here?

    We recommend the indoor style of kennels, with fixed play times throughout the day. Most dogs tend to be house dogs and in their home environment are only outside a few times a day. We maintain a similar routine with four play times a day, so that if your dog stays with us for an extended period of time, there will be less of an adjustment period when they come back home. Additionally, dogs being boarded for the first time as well as high anxiety dogs tend to get stressed in a new and different environment. Routines and set schdules help calm them and make them more comfortable. Also, controlled playtime allows us to better protect them from the elements such as rain, extreme cold, extreme heat, bug bites, and wildlife.

  • Do all dogs get mixed together?

    Inside the kennel we have private spaces for sleeping and eating. Any personal items such as bones or toys are kept in there, away from other dogs. For exercise and playtime we have 4 large yards where the dogs can be mixed or explore on their own. Playtime is supervised, and we only mix dogs when both the owner allows it, and we feel comfortable mixing them.

  • My dog is very social, will he be mixed with other dogs?

    Yes, we encourage mixing as it offers the best type of play and exercise for your dog. Please tell us of any quirks that we should watch for so that we mix them with the right kind of dogs.

  • My dog isn't very social, will he be mixed with other dogs?

    If you feel it is not safe to do so, we will not mix your dog with any other dog. We take this very seriously and trust your instincts. We will exercise with your dog(s) to keep them stimulated and entertained. We also have a private yard that does not 'face' other yards if required.

  • My dog doesn't spend much time around other dogs so I don't know how social he is, will he be mixed with other dogs?

    We are careful in this instance as it is our desire to mix the dogs, but will only do so if we feel it's safe. We have multiple connected yards where we can test them beside each other before directly mixing. If we feel at all that it is unsafe we will not mix.

  • I have multiple dogs, can they stay together?

    Absolutely, we understand that a family of dogs work better together as a family, and will be kept together at all times. We even offer a discount when multiple dogs in the same family share the same space.

  • The regular sized runs seem small, my dog is used to roaming the whole house all day. Why is your facility set up this way?

    They are exercised 4 times a day, so they continually have time to play and explore. Also, most dogs tend prefer small secure spaces, especially when sharing an environment with other dogs. While we want to make them as comfortable as possible, it's best to keep the kennel environment separate from the home environment as many dogs can get protective or territorial in the home environment. We want to eliminate that behavior here as its not only stressful for the dog continually trying to protect their environment, but for all of the other dogs as well.

  • My dog needs medication, or monitored for health conditions, can I still leave my dog there?

    We administer medications free of charge and can keep your dog in the house to monitor any special conditions if need be.

  • My pet is different from other dogs and cats and needs special attention in a specific area. Can you look after him?

    We understand each dog and cat have unique behaviors, talk to us ahead of time so that we can do our best to accommodate their needs. Whether it's keeping them with us in the house, keeping them separate from other dogs, or following specific instructions for them during the day, we'll do what we can to make your pet safe and comfortable for no extra charge.

  • Do you provide 24-hour on site care?

    Yes, the kennel is on our property, right in our backyard. Someone is always on site, and our Smoke/CO2 Detectors are Wi-fi enabled and linked to our phone so that we can be notified even in the middle of the night.

  • Is the kennel climate controlled?

    Yes, our buildings are oil heated for the winter, and we have air conditioning, fans and plenty of cold water for the summer.

  • Before First Visit

  • My dog has never been boarded before, what can I expect?

    Depending on the temperament of your dog, the first day or two being boarded away from home can be stressful for them, however we do everything we can to make the experience a positive one. We keep a set routine with outside play times to give them a sense of structure and purpose. Initially we don't mix them with other dogs to prevent them from getting overwhelmed, and to allow them to explore our yard uninterrupted. Typically a dog that is stressed will not eat for the first day or so. This is completely normal behavior, a dog will not starve themselves and will eat when they are hungry or when they are more comfortable.

  • I just need you to watch my dog for the day.

    This is referred to as Daycare and we can accommodate that. We don't have set "daycare" hours. Just let us know what time you are planning on dropping them up and picking them up for that day. They'll get plenty of exercise, socialize with the other dogs, and get the same level of service as dogs that stay the night.

  • I'm going to be away for a few weeks can you help?

    Absolutely, we can accommodate long term stays and we even including discounts for stays 10 days or longer.

  • Your rates are listed at $30/night, what does that mean, and what will that actually cost me?

    We charge $30 for each night that they stay with us, no tax. You can pick up or drop off anytime within our open hours without penalty. If they stay one night the total cost is $30. If they stay two nights, the total cost is $60, and so on. If you need to pick up your dog outside our open hours, let us know ahead of time. There will be a $5 fee applied to the total cost

  • How soon do I need to book?

    There is no exact answer for this and it may varies based on time of year. Our busiest times are Christmas, March break, and Summer break (July and August). We tend to get early bookings for these periods, so the sooner you book the better. You can even tentatively book dates to hold a spot and then modify them later to help secure your spot. For the rest of the year, weekends are busier than weekdays and as such tend to require more notice. During our low periods, 24 to 48 hours notice is enough time to book your pet's stay.

  • What can I do to help prepare my dog/cat for their stay

    To prepare for your dog/cat's stay you can help us with the following:
    - Let us know of anything to watch out for, such as behavioral or physical conditions that may need to be monitored.
    - Package food in a small or re-sealable container
    - Provide extra food if there is a chance that there stay may be extended
    - Pre-package their food for each meal (this is not required, but helpful for us)
    - Leave your bowls at home, we have stainless steel bowls that we use
    - Provide updated emergency contact info
    - Provide updated copy of vaccinations (On their first visit and again each year when vaccinations are renewed)
    - While we have plenty of bedding and toys, you're pet may want something they are familiar with, so feel free to bring your own.

  • Do I need to put down a deposit?

    No, there is no deposit required, however if your plans change, please text, email or call as soon as you know: 705-731-0436.

  • First Visit

  • Where exactly are you?

    We are on Pigeon Lake Road also known as Highway 17. Look for the big blue sign with the paw print on it, 10 mins south of downtown Bobcaygeon.
    If coming from the south (Lindsay, Peterborough, Toronto): We are at the bottom of the hill right after Peller Court.
    If coming from the north (Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Coboconk): We are a few houses past the big red barn. See our Contact page for an interactive map.

  • I've arrived in the parking lot, where do I go now?

    If you have a cat, puppy, or small dog that is staying in house, come to the front door. For dogs staying in the kennel come to the gate at the side of the house. We have an alarm that goes off when entering our driveway. We will greet you and help you from there. Additionally, we recommend texting or calling us when you head out here and we will keep an eye out for you: 705-731-0436.

  • My plans have changed and I need to cancel my visit?

    No problem, you can text, email or call to let us know. To allow others a spot, please advise as soon as you are aware that your plans need to change: 705-731-0436. No cancellation fees applied.

  • My plans changed and I need to stay longer

    No problem, you can text, email or call to let us know as soon as you are aware that your plans need to change: 705-731-0436. This way we can make sure that we have the space for them. It's best to include extra food when dropping them off in case this happens.

  • I gave you a time for pickup or dropoff, but I'm ahead of or running behind schedule

    No problem. We understand that life happens and doesn't always work out the way you planned. You can text, email or call, multiple times if needed, to provide updates: 705-731-0436. We'd rather be over-updated then not updated at all.

  • Will I be charged an extra night if I pick up later in the day than when I dropped off?

    No; You can pick up your pet anytime throughout the day, during our open hours at no extra cost. For example, if you dropped them off at 11am on Monday, and picked them up at 4pm on Tuesday, it is still counts as only one night. Note: There is a $5 fee for pick-ups or drop-offs outside our open hours.

  • What method of payment do you accept?

    We accept Cash, Cheques, and E-transfers (which can be sent to info@bobcaygeonpetretreat.com).
    Note: Most people pay at the end of their stay on pick-up, but you are free to pay on the initial drop-off if you'd like.

  • Do I tip?

    While tipping is by no means required, if you have a great experience you may choose to do so.

  • Are there other ways to show my appreciation?

    Absolutely! Word of mouth is probably the biggest thing you can do for us. Tell your friends and family about your experience with us. Write a review either on other websites such as google, or e-mail it to us and we'll add it to the testimonial page on our website. Additionally you can donate sturdy dog toys and old towels and blankets as we can always use more.


Paw PrintWe welcome you to text, e-mail or call to book a stay with us or to arrange a walkthrough.